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You fucked up real fucking bad with this one. Using other artists names on things such as..."this" is a violation against the rules of newgrounds, i sense a ban in the distance..

Kolumbo responds:

egoraptor is gay ~


"Music credits are in info part so questions like "woah whosh track iz dat?" will be simply ignored."
sorry bud, i can't make out make out what the song name is? "anqa" or what? is it in russian or somthing? dont expect all to be able to read that gibberish. also, nice flash :3

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Playing with no sound like a fucking boss, After the first screaming scene i pissed my self and whined like a baby, Im not playing this game anymore.. my heart cant take it :3 5stars tho...you sick fuck...

ProgressivegamesDLE responds:

Don't be sad, we know many people who have to turn the sound off in order to play this one. ;)
Thanks for the great rating - and for the compliment! ;)

I made it to lvl 15 i think in arena, That big metal guy, How the hell do i kill him?! Great game ofc, LOVE IT! :3

Agree with iishad0wx, until i got to Rhea, i got my arse kicked so hardcore i cried blood, thats fucking anoying,, i coulndt do anything at all, the arsenal of attack you have is incredible low, please give moar combos ? xD thank you.

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This is good!

livestepfreak responds:

Thank! :)

i can really feel this man. i wish you made it a Lil' longer, but its nice allright, the beat is smooth and easy, i think i just added a new track to my night walks. thank you.

I'm sorry, but for me it sounds like alot of tracks/loops (whatever you call it xD ) is just smashed together, i can't really find the rhytm in this track, im not some music artist or whatever but im just giving you my opinion, theres just to much noise to hear the rhytm and the actual "Music" im not the best in english, so i have a littel hard time expressing myself correctley, but i hope you catch my meaning. best of luck!

DivoFST responds:

Thanks for the comment karill!
Well i get the comment but its Dubstep and Dubstep is kind of that, loud sounds crashing together guess xD, you probably are not into dubstep.
No loops were used i played them with my Midi Keyboard.
PS: Your english is completly understandable buddy! :D

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My man.... Are you bored?

i would LOVE to have a huge kickass picture of this hanging on my wall, totally favored!


"no dad dont do it!!;(" son, im sorry but you´ve been bad.." no dad dont do it!!" IMMA FIRINGZ MAH LAZ00R" no dad!donBRAAAAGH"

shoopdawoop your son for moar respect.

awesome art btw:D

PuffballsUnited responds:


i like big towels.

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